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Tattoo Aftercare

Tegaderm Aftercare

-Leave Tegaderm bandage on your tattoo for 24 to 48 hours after leaving the shop. 

-When it comes time to remove the Tegaderm bandage: run warm water over the bandage while peeling back, not up, from the edges. If the Tegaderm bandage starts to leak before the 24 to 48 hour window, remove the bandage immediately.

-Once the bandage is removed, wash your tattoo with unscented hand soap, using your hands only, and pat dry with a clean paper towel. NEVER use a washcloth, towel, etc. to wash or dry your tattoo while it is healing.

-Apply an unscented, water based lotion to your tattoo when it starts feeling dry, tight or itchy. DO NOT over moisturize your tattoo as this could clog pores in the area and lead to blemishes that could affect the healing of your new tattoo.

***If any redness, swelling or bumps appear around the edges of the bandage remove it immediately, as you may be allergic to the adhesive on the bandage.***

Traditional Bandage Aftercare

-Keep the bandage on for a minimum of two hours, but preferably overnight.

-After removing the bandage, immediately wash your tattoo with an unscented hand soap (i.e. Ivory, Dial, etc.), making sure to remove any remaining ointment, blood and plasma. Use only your hands to wash your tattoo and a clean paper towel to pat it dry. NEVER use a washcloth, towel, etc. to wash or dry your tattoo, as they can harbor bacteria that could lead to an infection.

-After patting your tattoo dry and allowing it to air dry for a minute, you can apply a SMALL amount of unscented lotion, such as Aveeno, Curel, Eucerin, etc.

-DO NOT re-apply a bandage after cleaning! Your tattoo needs air to heal properly!

-Clean your tattoo once daily and apply a small amount of lotion when your tattoo feels dry, tight or itchy.

What NOT To Do

-DO NOT wash your tattoo with a washcloth or abrasive material.

-DO NOT submerge your tattoo in standing water such as swimming pools, baths, hot tubs, etc.

-DO NOT pick, scratch or rub your tattoo during the healing process.



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